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COM DEV International has a wide range of waveguide termination designs available from dissipating 10kW of average power (8MW peak) in an S-Band particle accelerator application to dissipating 2W CW in a Q-Band space-based application.

Design considerations include:

  • Operating frequency and bandwidth
  • Available mechanical outline
  • Available cooling mechanisms (conduction, convection, radiation)
  • Available cooling materials (contact with a surface, forced air on to a finned structure, or liquid cooled through a closed loop)
  • Operational environment (land, air, space)
  • Maximum power required to be dissipated (peak and average power levels)

Peak power capability is approximately equal to the waveguide maximum power rating. The average power ratings are for convection cooled units, these values can be increased by applying water cooling circuits. Designs operating at higher power levels are achievable.

Please contact: mark.watherston@honeywell.com to discuss your requirement.


Example Products

S-Band High Power Water Cooled Load

This part has been designed to dissipate over 10kW of average power at 8MW peak power over a narrow bandwidth at S-band for a particle accelerator application. With these levels of power, fluid is the obvious selection to remove heat from the system. To enable the part to cope with 8MW of peak power it is pressurised with SF6 gas to inhibit voltage breakdown of the air within the waveguide.



Ku and Ka-band Waveguide Loads

Displayed are a range of parts - some of which are finned for forced air cooling.



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