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COM DEV International has more than 40 years’ experience in design and manufacture of waveguide components, from simple components like junction isolators to complex subsystems such as transmit/receive duplexers.
All waveguide components and subsystems are designed, manufactured and tested in Scotland, in keeping with the nature of the customers and markets we supply. Typical power levels that these units can operate with are 100W-10kW average power and 100W-8MW peak power.




Our expertise in handling high power levels has enabled us to supply the world’s leading radar manufacturers throughout our company history.

Key Features

  • L-band to Q-band frequencies
  • High peak power (MW) and average power (kW) handling
  • Proven reliability for harsh environments e.g. maritime
  • Options for fluid or forced air cooling
  • Low Insertion loss

Proven Track recored


Target Markets

  • Space
  • Defence
  • Communications
  • Aerospace
  • Security

Subsystem Capability

COM DEV International’s expertise in design and manufacture of waveguide components and electronic design is further extended by bringing these individual elements together to form complex waveguide subsystems. During our company history we have developed a high level of expertise in integrated subsystem capability. This starts with the initial design phase, continues through integration to test and qualification in order to meet the stringent operating environmental requirements. We also offer program and logistics management throughout the life cycle of the subsystem. 

These subsystems demand the highest standards of build and functional quality, and with this in mind we have been certified to ISO 9001 as a company fro some years now. We do constantly strive to improve on our processes and standards to exceed customer expectations in this area.

COM DEV International, Lochend Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Edinburgh, EH28 8PL, Scotland
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