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Waveguide termination available from S-Band to Ka-Band.

  • Fluid finned or unfinned designs
  • Custom designs available
  • Silicon carbide machined load inserts available

Peak power capability is approximately equal to the waveguide maximum power rating. The average power ratings are for convection cooled units, these values can be increased by applying water cooling circuits. Designs operating at higher power levels are achievable.

S-Band High Power Water Cooled Load

Data Sheet: F0032
S Band High Power Water Cooled Load
Electrical Specification
Operating Frequency 2.6 - 3.95 GHz
Bandwidth 10% Typ.
Peak Pulse Power 7.5 kW Typ.
Average Power 10 kW Typ.
Max Input VSWR 1.2:1
Waveguide Size WR284
Cooling Fluid Water with/without antifreeze
Cooling Fluid Flow Rate > 10 L/Minute
Operating Temp 0°C to 35°C
Dimensions 397mm x 115mm x 77mm Typ.

Microwave Components for:
  • Medical
  • Security X-ray
  • Defence
  • S-Band Water Load capable of absorbing 7.5MW peak, 10kW average of reflected RF power
  • Options include - E plane probe & pressure release valve
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