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COM DEV International has developed diplexers for the ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY/ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY (UHCUHF) in the 71-86 GHz frequency bands. The growth in the 70/80 GHz frequency is driven by mobile backhaul. WiMAX and LTE base stations will be requiring Gbps speeds in dense urban areas, growing the mm-wave market five-fold over the next six years.

COM DEV International design is based on a non tune solution to meet the logistics and costs of this very demanding market.

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COM DEV International designs and produces a wide range of diplexers, spanning the 6GHz to 80GHz frequency range, to address the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios in wireless communication infrastructure.

Our experience includes:

  • E-plane and H-plane designs.
  • Waveguide
  • Coax
  • dielectric resonator
  • Interdigital
  • Combline
  • Stripline
  • Edge Coupled
  • End Coupled
  • Cross Coupled
  • Integrated Circulators

Customer designs are implemented and simulated on state of the art filter design software, which facilitates the creation of mechanical filter designs from supplied electrical specifications. In addition, COM DEV International is able to design and implement filters using coupled iris elements, metal-insert elements and / or post-coupled elements. Simulation software also aids verification of designs which use more complex filter geometries, such as notch, multi-mode or cross-coupled cavities.



Environmental considerations are also taken into account during the design process. We have the capability to design and manufacture diplexers and couplers which are subject to extremes of temperature and weather. All materials in such a design are tested rigorously to demanding customers’ requirements.

Prototypes are crafted within our in-house machine shop before volume production quantities are machined or cast by low cost suppliers situated around the world.

Experience of Die Cast solutions for diplexers:



Diplexers have been in volume production at COM DEV International since 2000 with a proven track record of high quality and reliability.

We operate various logisitics models from a basic forecast driven supply to a complete Supplier Managed Inventory service.


COM DEV International, Lochend Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Edinburgh, EH28 8PL, Scotland
Tel: 0131 333 2000 | Fax: 0131 333 3607 | COM DEV Europe Limited Registered England and Wales Company Number: 1863723