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Differential Phase-shift Circulators and Isolators

COM DEV International's design team have a wealth of experience in designing 4-port differential phase-shift circulators and isolators for a wide range of applications.


  • Airborne, Ground and Naval Radars
  • Satellite Transmission Uplinks
  • Protection for RF high power sources, for example in particle accelerators



  • Frequency ranges available - S-Band to Ka-Band with varying bandwidths
  • Low insertion loss, high isolation
  • Very high peak power designs supporting SF6 gas pressurisation
  • Very high average power designs with fluid & forced air cooling options
  • Custom designs based on existing products


Example Products


S-Band circulator for radar application (Transmitter -> Antenna -> Receiver). 4th port terminated in a ceramic load.



X-band circulator for space application



X-Band Circulator for airbourne military application



Ka-band Isolator



Contact: mark.watherston@honeywell.com  to discuss your requirement.


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