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COM DEV International has a range of waveguide couplers available from 6GHz to 38GHz, typically used in commercial wireless point-to-point radios infrastructure. The couplers provide either of two functions:

  • frequency diversity (typically 3dB couplers, being able to use a single antenna with two different frequency transceiver channels at the same time)

  • hot standby (typically 6 or 10dB for mission critical locations where complete radio failure cannot be tolerated - a secondary transceiver can be on standby should the primary radio fail).

Our couplers have been designed to offer excellent performance across all key criteria, such as VSWR, pass band insertion loss, and directivity over the required frequency range. Performance enhancements are possible according to application needs.

Point to Point radio couplers are typically bespoke designs to fit customer-specific antenna mounts. As such they employ a high level of mechanical engineering to optimise strength, lightness, environmental sealing, and optimise the efficiency of the waveguide run. Options include specifying polarisation plates for the antenna port to allow the orientation of the e-field to be field-selectable on installation.

COM DEV International can support fast prototyping using machined parts before moving to pressure die-casting solutions suitable for high production volumes. Global supply can be supported from our manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia.

This range complements our wide range of diplexing filters covering the range of 6GHz to 38GHz for the commercial wireless point-to-point radio market.

In addition, we have an excellent combination of expertise and tools to create new designs according to market and customer needs.


Coupler Design Library
Frequency Coupling
Waveguide Size RFQ
6GHz, 7GHz, 11GHz 3dB Riblet WG14/WG15/WG16 RequestQuotation
6GHz, 7GHz, 11GHz 6dB Branchline WG14/WG15/WG16 RequestQuotation
6GHz, 7GHz, 11GHz 6dB Riblet WG14/WG15/WG16 RequestQuotation
13GHz 3dB Riblet WG17 RequestQuotation 
13GHz 6dB Riblet WG17 RequestQuotation 
15GHz 3dB Riblet  WG18 RequestQuotation 
15GHz 6dB Riblet WG18 RequestQuotation 
18GHz, 23GHz 3dB Branchline WG20 RequestQuotation 
18GHz, 23GHz 6dB Riblet WG20 RequestQuotation 
18GHz, 23GHz 6dB Branchline WG20 RequestQuotation 
26GHz, 28GHz 6dB Riblet WG20 RequestQuotation
32GHz, 38GHz 6dB Riblet WG22 RequestQuotation
38GHz 3dB Branchline WG22 RequestQuotation
38GHz 6dB Branchline WG22 RequestQuotation
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