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Rotary Switches
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COM DEV International's range of waveguide rotary switches provide a low loss, high performance means of switching power between waveguide runs, components or loads in satellite, telecommunication, radar or electronic warfare (EW) applications.


We provide two different ranges of Rotary Switches, covering waveguide sizes WG6 (R14,WR650) through to WG25 (R620,WR15).

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Key Features 

  • Manual or motorised operation
  • Solenoid or brushless motor based standard designs
  • Lightweight torque motors for airborne application
  • High Reliability: >300,000 operations
  • Shock up to 100g, ½ sine pulse, 6ms duration
  • Excellent Microwave Performance
    • Low loss, high isolation
  • Magnetic coupling of motor to rotor
  • Switching time quoted over -40 to +85°C
  • Interchangeable drive assembly

Standard Rotary Switch: Table of Designs

Waveguide Actuation Switch Type SpecDwg RFQ
WG6 Latching(+keylock) 6-42/ET5/P/O 6564 RequestQuotation
WG6 Manual 6-42/E/P 5804 RequestQuotation
WG8/WR430 Latching 8-42/EDS/P/O/C 5718 RequestQuotation
WG10/WR284 Latching 10-42/ET1/P/C 6543 RequestQuotation
WG10/WR284 Manual 10-42/E/P 5695 RequestQuotation
WG11A/WR229 Latching 11A-42/NDS/P/O/C 5733 RequestQuotation
WG12/WR187 Latching 12-42/ET1/P/C 6534 RequestQuotation
WG14/WR137 Latching 14-42/ET2/P/O 6536 RequestQuotation
WG14/WR137 Manual 14-42/E/P 5712 RequestQuotation
WG15/WR112 Latching 15-42/ET2/P/C 6506 RequestQuotation
WG15/WR112 Fail-safe 15-42/EFS/P/C 5782 RequestQuotation
WG15/WR112 Manual 15-42/E/P 5814 RequestQuotation
WG16/WR90 Latching 16-42/ET1/P/C 6501 RequestQuotation
WG16/WR90 Fail-safe 16-42/EFS/P 5792 RequestQuotation
WG16/WR90 Manual 16-42/N/P 5142 RequestQuotation
WG17/WR75 Latching 17-42/ET1/P 6519 RequestQuotation
WG17/WR75 Manual 17-42/E/P 5668 RequestQuotation
WG18/WR62 Latching 18-42ET1/P/C 6507 RequestQuotation
WG18/WR62 Manual 18-42/N 5166 RequestQuotation
WG20/WR42 Latching 20-42/ET1/P/C 6533 RequestQuotation
WG20/WR42 Manual 20-42/N 5220 RequestQuotation
WG22/WR28 Latching 22-42/ET1/P/C 6565 RequestQuotation
WG22/WR28 Fail-safe 22-42/NFS/P 5794 RequestQuotation
WG22/WR28 Manual 22-42/E 5802 RequestQuotation
WG23/WR22 Latching 23-42/NT2/P/O 6551 RequestQuotation
WG24/WR19 Latching 24-42NT1/P/O 6557 RequestQuotation
WG25/WR15 Latching 25-32NT1/P 6500 RequestQuotation

The listing above is only a sub-set of COM DEV International's Waveguide Rotary Switch catalogue.
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