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COM DEV International Space Division

COM DEV International Space Division has been supplying next generation satellite communication components to the world’s leading payload manufacturers since 2008, with over 1000 flight models delivered to date.

COM DEV International’s extensive capability, range of products, processing and technical expertise along with our long heritage in providing innovative, reliable, high performance solutions make us the perfect partner for communications and sensor satellite payloads.

Our focused expert team ensures the development, manufacturing, screening, qualification and lot acceptance activities are carried out in accordance with either customer specific or ESA requirements. Our experience in managing risk guarantees we provide the optimum balance between timescales and cost.

Manufacturing and screening processes are undertaken within the comprehensively equipped clean room facilities. COM DEV International also offer sub-contract facilities for the assembly and testing of customer designed products that require our specialist processes and capabilities for RF and microwave equipment.

Significant investment in facilities at the factory in Edinburgh have been made to allow the professional manufacture of space-grade components and subsystems.

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Similar investment in state of the are test equipment has allowed COM DEV International to perform the majority of the demanding acceptance testing of space components and sub-systems in-house.

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COM DEV International has a broad range of passive devices suitable for the space market along with the latest automatic assembly equipment for active microwave systems from P to Q-band (over 40GHz).

Example Products

XZF 10212 X-band Coaxial to MIC Isolator


SZF 9614 Double Junction S-band tab-launch isolator


16C 10372 X-Band 4-port (1 port terminated) Differential Phase-shift Circulator



Other products include: Mechanical Rotary Switches, Ferrite Switches and Phase Shifters, SAW Filters and Pulse Compression Systems.

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