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Latching Ferrite Switches
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The latching junction circulator switch is used for applications where the power level is lower than that requiring a differential phase shift switch, but still too high for a PIN diode switch (kilowatts of peak power and tens of watts of average power). The latching circulator switch gives lower insertion loss and is substantially smaller than the differential phase shift switch.

This switch is essentially a three-port ferrite circulator in which the direction of circulation can be switched by application of current pulses through wires threading the Y-shaped toroidal ferrite resonator.


A single latching junction circulator can give approximately 0.15dB insertion loss and 20dB return loss and isolation over a 5% to 10% bandwidth.


Examples products


X-Band SP3T switch with coaxial isolators on 3 ports



Ka-Band SP2T high isolation switch



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