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MESL illustrates rich heritage in handling Phased Array Radar – Passive Phased Arrays

Phased Array Radar – Passive Phased-Array Electronically Controlled Components

MESL Microwave is a leader in passive components for phased array antennas for radar applications. Along with the extensive range of isolators, circulators and duplexers for Active Electronically Scanned Array (ASEA) radars, MESL Microwave still supports Passive Electronically Scanned Arrays (PESA) with new designs and existing projects. The S-band high power ferrite phase-shifter in datasheet M388A (now in production for in excess of 20 years) highlights MESL’s heritage in handling high power from a central source (such as a magnetron, a klystron or a travelling wave tube), separated and routed into digitally controlled phase-shift modules which control the phase of the RF power into the radiating elements on the antenna, allowing the radar beam to be electronically steered. MESL has developed passive phase-shifters from S-band to Ka-band and have supplied in excess of 5,000 phase shifters to the defence market for naval, ground and airborne applications. 

MESL has over 50 years of experience designing passive microwave components and supplies products for the Defence, Space, Industrial and Telecoms Markets. The range of electronically controlled ferrite switches and phase-shifters covers the frequency range of 2.5 to 40GHz.   read [Full Specification]

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