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MESL Microwave celebrates 50th anniversary.

For five decades, MESL Microwave has been at the heart of the Microwave industry. Few other companies in the world can look back on such a long tradition and with such genuine continuity in supplying innovation, quality and customer service to the defence, space and telecoms markets.

This year on the 8th April, MESL Microwave celebrates its 50th anniversary. The original company MESL (Microwave and Electronic Systems Ltd) was created in 1964  and the MESL brand name has remained through different ownerships within Racal, Thales and to the current day, as an independent company.

The company has built its success on three pillars. First and foremost people:  Beginning as a team of pioneers in 1964, MESL has always recognised that people are central to our success. We have brought together a team with the appropriate blend of expertise, knowledge and experience to allow us to operate in our high technology market sectors. From dedicated production staff to outstanding engineers, MESL’s people understand the companies goals and share a commitment to achieving them. Next, Design: The closest partnerships with clients are formed at the design stage of the project. With a large percentage of our work being custom designed products, our ability to understand clients goals is an essential component of our success. We have a breadth of technological expertise that allows us to see the bigger picture to deliver components and subsystems which bring overall benefits in logistics, reliability, cost of ownership and product performance. Finally, innovation: Innovation is central to the MESL ethos, we are focused on the technology needs of tomorrow – a philosophy that always places us at the leading edge of the technology of today. We continue to support our breakthroughs to market maturity, bringing our advanced manufacture and test capability to ensure high quality production, whether on low or high production runs.

MESL has paved the way in Microwave innovation for 50 years and will continue to lead the way in the future. We would like to thank our staff and customers for the support and commitment over the many years that has made MESL the success that it is today.

Mike Huggan – Managing Director


Posted on Monday, 13 January 2014 under Homepage


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