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Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, Visits MESL Microwave

Edinburgh, Scotland – Wednesday 23rd January 2013.

Today MESL Microwave welcomed a visit from the leader of the Scottish Government, Alex Salmond MSP.  He was accompanied by the Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise, Dr Lena C Wilson.  The visit coincided with the announcement of Scottish export sales figures which had increased last year to £23.9B.
Mr Salmond said: “MESL is boldly going where few Scottish exporters have gone before through its work with NASA and Mitsubishi and it is just one of the many firms receiving advice and support from our enterprise agencies to grasp growth opportunities.”

MESL has achieved great success internationally and exporting more than 70% of products manufactured at the Edinburgh site.  We are implementing a 10 year plan to diversify into the space payload market to create the highly skilled, high added value jobs required to ensure that Scotland and UK remain at the forefront of the world’s technology markets.

Alex Salmond visits MESL Microwave Mechanical Inspection Team     Alex Salmond visits MESL Microwave Production Area

Alex Salmond Dr Lena Wilson MESL Microwave Production Area     Alex Salmond visits MESL Microwave Production Area
The world class engineering skills available in Scotland has already been recognised with the company winning projects to develop components for NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratories), Mitsubishi for components for guidance of the HTV resupply vehicle for the International Space Station (ISS) and a number of other significant developments with Thales Alenia Space and Astrium, the leading European space companies.  MESL is also involved with the European Space Agency (ESA) in novel research and defining standards for future microwave technology.

MESL has been working with Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International to support the growth into the space market and new geographical territories.  Over 95% of products designed for space are for export markets and this new strategic direction will help to ensure the continued success of MESL whilst remaining in Scotland.
Alex Salmond Dr Lena Wilson with MESL Microwave Senior Management Team official video of Mr Salmond's visit
Alex Salmond video visiting MESL Microwave Edinburgh

Further information can be seen on the Scottish Government website: 
Pictures: Gordon Thom

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