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COM DEV International has a broad range of expertise and experience with different manufacturing techniques, which enables us to offer a sub-contract manufacturing service.  Using a combination of in-house skills and equipment and a network of local external specialist companies, we are able to offer a managed build-to-print (B2P) service to customers in market areas as diverse as military, telecommunications and security.

In-house facilities

  • Automatic bonding of various MMICs, PIN Diodes, Hybrid, Beam Lead Chips using thermo-sonic and thermo-compression bonders on gold and aluminium wires and tape to 1 thou diameter
  • Semi-automatic Pick and Place and IR Reflow techniques
  • In-house machining CNC linked to 3D CAD
  • SMT and TH Assembly
  • Vibration, Humidity and Temperature testing
  • MRSI

Please contact us to discuss any potential opportunities you may have.

Please also refer to the "Manufacturing" page in the "Capabilities" section of the site for more details.

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