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Microwave Integrated Circuits
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COM DEV International has extensive experience and expertise in the area of microwave integrated circuits (MICs). We are engaged in a variety of markets, from commercial wireless telecommunications to military subsystems, spanning a frequency range from 1GHz up to 77GHz. We not only design MICs but also provide qualification testing and volume manufacturing capability on site.


A modern, well equipped and dedicated class 10,000 clean room provides the setting for the manufacture of all such MICs. Furthermore, the quality of design and excellent reliability of these units has been fully demonstrated with many years of operation in the field, maintaining the European standards for all this wireless technology implementation set by ETSI.


Some of the building blocks for transceiver based products are:


  • FET oscillators and Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DRO) that are highly stable over temperature
  • MMIC mixers, Power Amplifiers, LNAs, Ultra Fast Switches, Attenuators
  • High order multipliers using step recovery diodes (up to times 13)



  • Transceivers
  • Mixers (Up and Down Converters)
  • Oscillator modules (VCOs and DROs)
  • Phase shifting Modules
  • Filter based modules



  • Wireless Communication Infrastructure
  • Defence
  • Security
  • Automotive


Core Technologies

  • Microwave softboard processing
  • Automatic bonding of MMICs, PIN diodes, Hybrid, Beam Lead chips
  • Thermo-sonic and thermo compression bonders on gold and aluminium wire and tape to 1 thou diameter
  • Semi-automatic Pick and Place and IR reflow techniques
  • Environmental qualification for vibration, temperature and humidity
  • Fully automatic test facilities




The closest partnerships with clients are formed at the initial design stage of a project. With a large percentage of our work being custom designed products, our ability to understand client goals is an essential component of our success. Rapid prototyping of designs is a key capability that provides a client with a hardware example of a specific design. The use of 2½D and 3D CAD, along with both linear and non-linear circuit simulations assist in producing a "right first time" design. We have a breadth of technological expertise that allows us to see the overall requirement when designing subsystems. This leads to overall product benefits.


Testing and Alignment


COM DEV International has invested in unique automated microwave test facilities. The most sophisticated automatic vector network analysers combined with computer controlled environmental chambers and custom thermal management systems allow the test of complex waveguide components over the range -70°C to +120°C with unsurpassed phase accuracy. High volume Millimetre wave transceiver testing is achieved by parallel testing of multiple units in a rapid temperature cycle.

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